segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2007


Hm! What to say about Agloco. Great idea, some problems with timing and very big lake of communication.
However , I beleive that we can succes with Agloco. We must be patient, we must try to undesrtand Agloco idea , we must not promise 'fast rich sheme' to new members.

What is idea of this blog?

Nothing special! Dedicated to Agloco and Agloco fans. It doesn't mean we can not criticise Agloco. But critics should be constructive.

I ask everybody, who wants to write a comment that also tell us his Agloco member ID. So we should know that we discuss with Agloco member.

I do not want this blog should be official! NO! This blog is blog of Agloco fans.

If somebody would like to be Contributor , please, let me know.